Zhodino (photo)

Photo Zhodino


The city of Zhodino is located 40 km from Minsk. In the city live 60 thousand people. There are 2 versions of the origin of the city name. In the first story, it is said that Prince Boguslav Radziwill founded a settlement on the place where the Zhodinka river crossed into the Plesu River and gave it the name Boguslav Field, later the name was changed to a simplified one, consonant with the name of the Zhodino River. Another story is more romantic and she says the following that during the war of 1812, when the Napoleonic army fled from Moscow and passed through the land, the French general de Jodine released all the Russian captured soldiers, and they in turn created a settlement here and called it the honor of a merciful general. The town developed very slowly and only the construction of the Minsk-Brest railway communication, which passed through Zhodino, breathed new life into the city, Zhodino began to grow, trade and production of various products began to develop. To modern prosperity and prosperity, the city is wholly indebted to the BelAZ plant, which produces heavy-duty dump trucks known all over the world. Also in Zhodino works knitting factory "Svitanok", which supplies its products not only throughout the country, but also beyond its borders. Once in Zhodino, you just need to pay attention to some of the sights of the city. In particular, the Orthodox Chapel, the oldest building in the city. Funny place "Bogusla field", is a small clearing on which there is a wooden house, a mill and a well, being here as if you get into the past. Dendro Park of the city is the pride of the townspeople, there are about 50 different species of bushes and trees that you can not see in our country in nature.