Vnukovo Airport (photo)

Vnukovo Airport

Vnukovo Airport is an airport consisting of three terminals and a VIP service hall. The main building is Terminal A, where almost all domestic flights are serviced. Exceptions are flights to the North Caucasus and a number of international destinations. The entrance to the terminal is from the side of multi-storey parking lots under the ground. Registration of passengers starts on the second floor 2 hours before departure. Terminal B is the service of international and charter flights. The entrance to the terminal is at ground level. To get from one terminal to another, it is necessary to walk along the street. To prevent delays, it is necessary to make all such actions in advance. Terminal D is engaged in servicing flights of the North Caucasus direction. Airport Infrastructure A number of services are provided free of charge on the territory of the airport. This includes a bus, a room for parents with children, access to the Internet, assistance for disabled with services, and much more. There are always luggage trolleys at the airport, and luggage and hand luggage weighing services are available.