Sheremetyevo Airport (photo)

Sheremetyevo Airport

Sheremetyevo Airport consists of two main terminals - terminals A and B. Terminal A is located in the northern part of the airport. Its main purpose is to serve aircraft for business aviation. Terminal B is located much to the west, it includes two buildings - the departure hall and the arrival hall. Near the terminal B there is also a landing pavilion, for which the most unusual form is characteristic. This terminal includes 86 remote parking lots of different capacities. Also there is a terminal C, intended mainly for international flights. It is in the immediate vicinity of terminal B. It includes 30 different in character registration racks. Terminals D and E are also designed to service international lines. Airport Infrastructure A number of services are provided free of charge on the territory of the airport. This includes a shuttle bus, a room for parents with children, access to the Internet, assistance for disabled with services, and much more. There are always luggage trolleys at the airport, and luggage and hand luggage weighing services are available.