Boryspil Airport (photo)

Boryspil Airport

Boryspil Airport is located about 35 kilometers from the capital of Ukraine. It includes 3 main terminals. Terminal B has been operating since 1965, and since that time it has been upgraded several times. Most often it accepts flights from the territory of Ukraine, but it can also be flights outside the country. There are 43 different registration racks in the registration area. Terminal F has been open since 2010. This terminal, in which all existing technological processes are aimed at the convenience of passengers. At this time, the airport only accepts international flights. There are 30 check-in counters with luggage weighing systems. Terminal D was opened in 2012. At the moment it is the most significant and important in the country. There are a lot of regular check-in counters, web kiosks and check-in points. Also for the convenience of passengers there are elevators and escalators. Airport Infrastructure A number of services are provided free of charge on the territory of the airport. This includes a bus, a room for parents with children, access to the Internet, assistance for disabled with services, and much more. There are always luggage trolleys at the airport, and luggage and hand luggage weighing services are available. In small shops you can buy various products, including snacks and fresh press.